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Back to Maycomb !

Yes ! I started with Go Set a Watchman two days back ! My notes so far (I am a little less than halfway through):

1. There's no one cooler than Scout. Atticus maybe. But no one cusses like Scout.

2. Jem. Well, that hurt on page 13.

3. Jem, Scout and Dill as kids again. Oh the fun !

4. Aunt Alexandra. And her corsets.

5. Maycomb.

Nothing substantial has happened so far, which is OK by me. Reading about Maycomb is like going back to my childhood. Nothing beats that.

Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami

No. I never really got round to telling that I had finished this book. It happened weeks back, (even before The Good Doctor) and I've been putting off writing about it, because frankly, I'm still figuring out what it was.
This was my first Murakami. Rather than say that it was a good book, I would say it gave me a good feeling, like something born out of working hard. I have been reading up on what other people thought of the book (it's one of those times, when I really need to know if I know right), and its still vague. So I have my own interpretation, and it still needs to be worked upon, as there are facts that don't add up. Its like those 1000-piece puzzles of a landscape where even after you find the corner pieces, your work is about as hard as not starting at all. Right now, my understanding involves something akin to Hermione's Time-Turner, wormholes and Inception's limbo. 
In terms of the writing, it was so liquid that despite that excessive abstractne…

The Good Doctor by Damon Galgut

Well it's been some time. While my reading has been erratic (but adequate), my blogging has been reduced to a once-in-a-month do. But then who am I kidding ?! This isn't my first AWOL situation !

First things first. In the nooks and crannies of my choc-a-bloc weekdays and stuffed weekends, I managed to finish The Good Doctor by Damon Galgut. It's a short book and the economy of words justifies the taut story-telling of Galgut. Meaning, it should not have taken me a month to digest the book, but sadly, it did.
The Good Doctor is based in a lawless hinterland of South Africa where apathy is the best way to survive. In a slightly uncomfortable realisation, it becomes evident that indifference is not always the worst thing around. The incumbent doctor Frank Eloff and a handful of other doctors man a derelict hospital. Frank is already too careworn to bother about anything by the time he took position at the hospital, which is suddenly ruffled by the arrival of a young, boy-sco…